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Tips for Partnering With an ERP Software Developer

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As an ERP Reseller, what are you looking for in an ERP software solution? What are you looking for in an ERP software vendor-to-partner relationship? These are questions that are asked – and then asked again – when it comes to VARs (Value Added Resellers) choosing who they will partner with. There are many ERP vendors out there, but what is it that sets one apart from the next? Is it the solution itself, or the actual partner program? Are you deciding based upon brand recognition or are you basing your decision on price? These are all valuable questions that …

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Your First ERP Implementation

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In a recent article, industry analyst firm Technology Evaluation Centers explored what they believed were five main challenges facing organizations when implementing ERP for the first time.  TEC makes excellent and valid points in their article and we feel that identifying these challenges can help with the planning stages, ensuring all possible issues are addressed before the implementation gets underway. In this post, we take a look at these common challenges and how SYSPRO can mitigate each. 1. The Selection Problem TEC states that selecting the right software that is suited to your specific business needs is the first challenge …

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ERP Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction Factors- SNAP Survey Insight from SYSPRO USA Customers

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Should companies replace their ERP solutions if they are not happy with them? Why would they go to the trouble? What would they be most happy with if they did make a change – and if they made the change to SYSPRO ERP? These are questions we put to business owners and senior executives of SYSPRO USA coustomers– a vast and impressive group of seasoned manufacturing and distribution industry veterans. Smart people. Good people. People who have a great pulse on manufacturing industry needs and drivers. We wanted to know what SYSPRO users believe is going on in the wider …

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Why Independent Certifications (and Practice!) Matter

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SYSPRO has just received an independent review and certification report for its SYSPRO 7 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from IT analyst firm Technology Evaluation Centers. The 50+ page, in-depth document analyzes and grades SYSPRO ERP capabilities for discrete, process and mixed-mode manufacturers. We invite you to read it at: While you will be able to see for yourself that SYSPRO 7 is acclaimed by TEC in this report for demonstrating a wide range of dominant and highly competitive capabilities, we want to focus on two additional items: why independent certifications matter, and how SYSPRO ERP has become a …

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2016 Business Resolutions and How ERP Can Solve Them

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Creating realistic New Year’s business resolutions is a great starting point to succeed in 2016. Here are three areas of improvement and possible solutions that can help you start the year in a productive and positive way: 1. Make customer service a top priority No matter how innovative your product is, or how clever of an ad campaign that you come up with, without quality service, your business will suffer. Consumers are far more likely to share their bad customer service experiences than they are to talk about positive experiences. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an essential element to …

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Plain Speak: Recognizing Critical ERP Features vs. Jargon

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When you are a vendor marketing solutions in an industry where some competitors believe that the louder the megaphone, the better their solution, your only hope is that the buyer marketplace is smarter than the vendor. Fortunately, there has been a massive “up-curve” in the “BS” threshold of ERP software buyers. And we like that — a lot. ERP was once a game of “smoke and mirrors” where acronyms and multi-syllable (and undecipherable) IT phrases – that were known not to be well understood – were passed out like candy during buyer presentations. This is not to discredit the value …

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Logistics and Logic – Which ERP Capabilities Drive Value NOW?

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In modern day use, the word “logistics” generally refers to activities that happen within or between businesses or organizations to move items -or even people- from point to point. While the origin of the word has some historical early references in the French and Greek language, its original Latin roots do in fact tie it to the commonly used word “logic”. Today we’re going to talk a little about both logic and logistics, because often, our first conversations with companies considering ERP start like this: • What do you want? • What do you need? • What makes logical sense …

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Transforming the Future of Manufacturing Floors

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I have seen a lot in my 30-odd years of leading a software company, but most recently, I’ve been really intrigued by the ways small and mid-sized manufacturers are leveraging technology to be competitive. It reminds me of an article that I read about a year ago that made me chuckle; it was entitled something along the lines of the “average manufacturer is smaller than you think…and getting smaller.” When I first started working with what industry calls the “tier two and tier three” level of manufacturers -meaning: businesses that are generally below a billion dollars in revenue, and often …

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“Which Matters More? ERP Vendor Size or Service Quality”

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It’s no secret that we live in a world where, often, the brands with the largest, loudest megaphone (and the accompanying outsized marketing budgets) get the lion’s share of the press/PR attention. That’s to be expected –nothing new there. Knowing this, it is important that for ERP buyers ask themselves the question, ‘Which matters more? ERP vendor size or service quality?” Recently, I read an article about how to avoid bad ERP choices, and decided to form my own list. While there is no single right way to prove which ERP solution is right for you since everyone’s requirements are …

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How CAD-ERP Integration Benefits MTO and ETO Manufacturers

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This is an interview with Scott Brickler the Chief Software Architect and a partner at SolutionsX LLC. Recently he answered the following questions concerning the benefits of having CAD-ERP integration. Why would companies consider adding a CAD integration tool to their ERP system? Brickler: CAD to ERP integration makes a lot of sense when a company is doing a large amount of engineering or turnover of new designs and/or design changes. Businesses like these are often designing and building custom or configurable products for each customer and are often trying to find ways to cut the lead time from order …