SYSPRO ERP and the New FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

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With the signing of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the United States took a giant step toward adopting modernized food safety methodologies. The FDA can now mandate recalls to ensure the effective removal of products and notification of parties, with reports to the FDA at every step of the process.

SYSPRO clients are well prepared for the new FDA requirements, as they have already implemented automated recall capabilities and related methodologies, well ahead of any new regulations. SYSPRO’s lot traceability and serial tracking afford extensive visibility up or down the supply chain, including specific component-to-parent tracking,” commented Joey Benadretti, President of SYSPRO USA.

SYSPRO customers can trace components to specific work orders, and perform Landed Cost Tracking of imported goods and associated costs, another target for stringent FDA regulations.

Likewise, the Drug Safety and Accountability Act of 2010 will apply stringent oversight and documentation over pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure the quality and safety of drugs and drug components. As a result, many pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking to companies like SYSPRO to supply them with ERP systems that will bring them into compliance.

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