SYSPRO highlighted on Chainlink Research’s ERP for SMB Feature

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This week, Chainlink Research added an another post to their series on ERP for SMB’s. Authored by Ann Grackin, the article focused on two important issues in the Enterprise Software Industry:

1. Who are the ERP providers who focus on the SMB?
2. And, a more challenging question, who are the SMBs?

SYSPRO , a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, was featured in the article as one of the premiere providers of ERP Software for Small/Medium sized Businesses. Grackin noted:

“With global implementation partners, Syspro can handle highly complex business challenges, yet retain the ease of use and implementation required by the SMB market. Syspro’s customers are in manufacturing—both process and discrete, and Syspro supports their global business management needs with a strong global financial model.”

In the article, Grackin also included a link to her review of SYSPRO’s S = MC2 theory, which you can read here.

The second half of the review included a list of questions each SMB should consider and how they can narrow down the characteristics/needs of their business before purchasing an ERP System. These included:

Industry—What industry are you in?
Regulation and Compliance—Is your business part of a regulated industry such as Aerospace, Life Sciences, etc?
Business Maturity—Where are you in your business maturity? Start-up, growth, going global?
Globalization—If you are going global, what is your need for multi-currency accounting, global trade document/import export management?
Suppliers—Are they global? How do they get financed? Do you have a direct and critical, consistent need for information sharing and visibility?
Growth rate—What is the pace of your growth? Some firms want to stick to a modest IT budget, but many high-growth businesses will allocate more funding to IT and look to scale as they grow.
Automation of Business Processes—What business processes will be automated? How central are they to business success? How complex are those processes?
Workforce Management—Is your work force centralized or mobile? What kind of skills management is required to support the work?
Outsourcing—What will be outsourced and, therefore, operated by others? What kind of integration and data sharing is required between your firm and your service provider?
Channel management—Do you distribute, sell, or service through channel partners? If so, how reliant are you on your partner for shared data? What kind of financial and sales activities do you share? Inventory, transportation, trade promotion management, sales agreements and commissions, and other agreements can all be part of the complex set of relationships.

To access the full article, please visit here.

SYSPRO is the leading supplier of ERP software to mid-market manufacturers and distributors. SYSPRO has more than 14,500 licensed customers in over 60 countries around the globe. If you’d like an ERP expert to contact you and further discuss how SYSPRO ERP can streamline your business processes, please contact us.

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