Tips for Partnering With an ERP Software Developer

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ERP_Partner_v2As an ERP Reseller, what are you looking for in an ERP software solution? What are you looking for in an ERP software vendor-to-partner relationship? These are questions that are asked – and then asked again – when it comes to VARs (Value Added Resellers) choosing who they will partner with. There are many ERP vendors out there, but what is it that sets one apart from the next? Is it the solution itself, or the actual partner program? Are you deciding based upon brand recognition or are you basing your decision on price? These are all valuable questions that ERP developers address as they build their programs to benefit both parties involved.

In the ERP industry, it’s a well-known fact that an ERP provider is definitely not as strong without a channel; however, developing that partner channel poses many challenges. ERP Resellers all have very specific needs and individual requirements. Some VARs do their own implantation, some don’t. Some do their own support, some don’t. Some VARs pick up the sales side of things in the blink of an eye, while others require a more “hands-on” approach. When building a partner-focused program, the ERP vendor needs to address these unique partner requirements from both sides of the spectrum. What is that happy median? Whether you are a three man shop or a fifty man outfit with multiple locations, the program needs to fit YOU. Not a generic program that most ERP vendors have created to fit MOST resellers.  So what exactly should an ERP Reseller look for when choosing a vendor to partner with?

Long-term positive track records with both customers and partners
Strong and proven methodologies
A winning ERP solution
Lead management, sales and marketing support
Customer management support
Reputation for commitment to their channel
Accessibility of staff to the channel
Collaboration/synergy with their channel

In conclusion, picking your ERP developer can be a very complex process. You are not just spending the time and money in picking up the solution not only now, but for years to come and it’s important to evaluate every aspect of what their program offers.

SYSPRO has developed a Channel Partner Program with that not only “talks the talk,” but also “walks the walk.” SYSPRO’s Partner Program gears itself to be the most flexible and partner-focused program out there. This program was designed to take a “true partnership” approach, meaning they will work closely with each partner to help them achieve their own individual goals.  SYSPRO’s program gives partners the tools and platform to develop your business into what it you want it to be. 

For more information on the program, download the SYSPRO Affinity Partner Program Brochure.

-Derek Thomas
Derek Thomas

Derek is Business Development Rep. at SYSPRO USA. He has been with SYSPRO for nearly 3 years and has held several positions within the organization specifically focused on sales, including the reseller channel as well working closely with prospective customers evaluating SYSPRO as a solution to their enterprise software needs. Prior to SYSPRO, Derek worked in the retail/distribution industry.


SYSPRO is the leading supplier of ERP software to mid-market manufacturers and distributors. SYSPRO has more than 15,000 licensed customers in over 60 countries around the globe. If you’d like an ERP expert to contact you and further discuss how SYSPRO ERP can streamline your business processes, please contact us.



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